1Where can I find the directions to the hotel?

At the bottom of the overview page of the hotel you can find travel information with details on location and directions.

2We have two small children; can we get extra beds in the room?

In general one extra bed for one child is available at a minor additional charge. However, please note that this possibility depends on each hotel’s policy and availability. We advise you to check the overview page of the hotel, or to send an email to support@natureroar.com

3Are the rates on your website per person or per room?

All rates on the website are per room per stay, unless stated differently.

4Is meals included in the price?

Yes, three time delicious meal included in the price.

5Do you offer special discounts (for seniors, airlines employees, etc)?

We provide the best available rates for the dates of your stay. The discounts are already included and therefore it is not possible to have any other discount on the confirmed price.

6Can I use discount vouchers (e.g. issued by magazines, shops, etc.)?

No, via our website it is not possible. You will have to book through the organization issuing the voucher.

7Does the hotel need a deposit or a payment in advance?

You will pay for your stay at the hotel. But you have to pay small token money to confirm the booking.

8Can I pay for my stay in advance?

Please note that such arrangements depend on each hotel’s policy. Therefore, you will need to contact the hotel directly. The hotel’s contact details can be found in the confirmation e-mail of your reservation.

9How do I know that my reservation is confirmed?

When you have completed the steps of the reservation process, an instant on-screen confirmation will appear. It will show your reservation details as well as your booking number. We advise you to print it out. Within a couple of minutes, you will receive a confirmation email containing more information such as the hotel’s contact details.

10Can I book a hotel room by telephone or email?

Yes, you can book the hotel via call or direct message. The contact detail can be found on the home page.

11I have booked a hotel but I did not receive a confirmation by email. What do I have to do?

The most common reason for not getting a confirmation email is typing your email address incorrectly. Therefore, please double check your email address before finalizing your reservation. Also we have noticed that in some cases our confirmation email may end up in your spam folder. If you do not receive an email after you have made a booking, please send an email with your booking number and details to support@natureroar.com

12Can I book a hotel for day use?

Unfortunately it is not possible to book a hotel for day use. The minimum that can be booked through our website is one night.

13What are the check-in and check-out times of a hotel?

The check-in and check-out times differ. You will find them on the “Hotel Policies” section at the bottom of the overview page of the hotel. If you are going to arrive late or very early, we advise you to let the hotel know in advance using the contact details you will find in your confirmation email.

14What do I do when I have a question about the room or hotel?

We advise you to contact the hotel via direct call or mail us to support@natureroar.com

15How can I cancel or change my booking?

You can cancel your reservation or send us a request for a modification by clicking on the link at the bottom of your confirmation email.

16Do I pay a cancellation fee?

The token money you paid at the time of booking is your cancellation fee as well.You will find the cancellation policy on the bottom of overview page of the hotel.

17How do I know that my booking has been cancelled?

After you have cancelled your reservation you will receive an email to confirm your cancellation. If you do not receive the cancellation email, please send an email with the details of your reservation to support@natureroar.com

Still have a question?

Call us 9837176793 or mail to support@natureroar.com